Plants in the office: Devaiders approve

Humans have a natural tendency to affiliate with nature and other life-forms, which researchers call “Biophilia”. Since we are spending the majority of our time in spaces that are devoid of connection to the natural environment – we’ve resorted to bringing some nature into our offices. Studies show workers perform better when plants are added […]


Building our bar: Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak into the construction process of our bar. We’re almost there. #Devaiders have almost lost all patience. But you know what they say – good things come to those who wait. And this promises to be MASSIVE! Spot the little hearts the construction workers crafted. When you got people like these building […]


Referral program: how to source new talent

Recommendation program aka employee referral is a program employers have implemented to encourage employees to recommend candidates for jobs at the company in exchange for a bonus. These programs benefit both the employer and current/past employees. Benefits for Current Employees Not only would employees receive 150 euros compensation for a successful candidate, allowing current employees […]


A second chance for your second hand things

DevelopmentAid has launched a charity campaign aimed to help the people at the Cocieri asylum. We were deeply troubled by the lack of essentials and moved by the requests the people living there had. No one deserves to live like that and it’s appalling to think that something we find unnecessary could mean the world […]