A Day in the Life of a Career Advisor

Continuing our “A Day in the Life of ” series, are Senior Career Advisors, Lucia Damaschin, Olesea Martiniuc, Natalia Ochinca and Junior Career Advisor, Cristina Badarau. Career Advisors work with individual consultants all around the world to identify their career objectives and help them reach their goals by directing experts to the best matching free or paid services. We sat down with the girls to learn more about their thoughts on what’s it’s like to be a Career Advisor at DevelopmentAid.

What made you choose DevelopmentAid?

Lucia Damaschin: I was looking for an interesting job in Chisinau at that time and DevelopmentAid seemed promising to me. After the interview and knowing the team better, I decided to continue my experience here and have never regretted it.

Lucia Damaschin, Senior Career Advisor

Olesea Martiniuc: I needed a change and it was Mihaela Hasan [a DevelopmentAid employee at the time], who encouraged me to make it happen. She applied for the Business Developmentaid   Manager position and I followed her example, but ended up being accepted as a Career Advisor. It wasn’t what I’ve expected and there was a bit of disappointment. But with time I fell in love with my experts. Now just can’t part with them.

Cristina Badarau: Because this is the one of the leading companies on the market and because my friend recommended me to join the Devaid team.

Natalia Ochinca:  I made this decision to join this organization 5 years ago. I chose this company, because from the very beginning I felt the pleasant working atmosphere and because of the young colleagues.

How does a typical day for a Career Advisor look like?

Lucia Damaschin: It’s pretty funny cause everyday here is the same – and at the same time it’s different. I’m usually trying to manage my time well, but I fail a lot, still I manage to do my tasks at work. I call my experts with whom I am working, I’m sending emails and making presentations and enjoy knowing people from the entire world. But first, let me drink my coffee!

Olesea Martiniuc: Geographically it’s – Australia-Asia-Europe & Africa-Americas. I call a lot and I write emails a lot. Love it!

Olesea Martiniuc, Senior Career Advisor

Cristina Badarau: Coming to my lovely job, first I check my organizer, sales and then I start my workflow, emails, calls, presentations, might exchange a few words with my colleagues.

Natalia Ochinca: Coming to work, replying to emails, making a lot of calls, talking to experts via phone or Skype, making presentations, going to lunch with colleagues, then going to team meetings, coming back in the office, again replying to emails, sending confirmations, issuing Invoices.

Lucia and Olesea enjoying their daily dose in Le Temps Perdu (company bar)
What is your favorite thing about being a Career Advisor?

Lucia Damaschin: The remuneration :). I like to talk to people and share my energy with them, listen and help them, as well. I like that I can be of value and, at the end of the day, when you hear all the gratitude and nice feedback, it’s a blessing. I also enjoy the people from the company with whom you can have a chat and a glass of wine and sometimes you even become good friends. 🙂

Olesea Martiniuc: Talking to people. Helping them. Closing deals 🙂

Cristina Badarau: When I close the deal and after that I get a good feedback and, of course, sending payment confirmations.

Cristina Badarau, Junior Career Advisor
Cristina Badarau, Junior Career Advisor

Natalia Ochinca: Making money 🙂  and of course, my colleagues, I love them. They are great ^_^

What are your biggest challenges?

Lucia Damaschin: Sometimes the routine is killing me and I need to take a break or to travel ASAP.

Olesea Martiniuc: No big challenges. Lack of concentration is the monster I’m fighting quite often.

Cristina Badarau: Finding ways to deal with different people.

Natalia Ochinca: Hmm.. sometimes it’s hard to do the monthly target and interacting with tough clients, as sometimes they can be rude to you.


Natalia Ochinca, Senior Career Advisor
What are some personal qualities someone who wants to work as a Career Advisor should have?

Lucia Damaschin: They should definitely be hard-working and strong willed, average people with no motivation usually don’t stay long here. You got to earn it! Career Advisors should also be charismatic and full of energy and maybe a bit extra sometimes 🙂

Olesea Martiniuc: Altruism. People know when you like them and they certainly know when you don’t. I’ve learned in 4 years here that this sole thing can improve your results more than anything else.

Cristina Badarau: Patience, perseverance. They should be self dedicated, motivated and results oriented.

Natalia Ochinca: They should be confident, hard-working, to be able to listen carefully and understand what a client needs.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a Career Advisor?

Lucia Damaschin: If you are interested in having a great experience in this country and an awesome job, you can definitely have that as a Career Advisor at DevelopmentAid. If you feel that you have the charisma nerve and talent, come join our team and prove that you are the One.

Olesea Martiniuc: NEBOJSEA and work hard.

Cristina Badarau: Be patient, do your job, the best is yet to come.

Natalia Ochinca:  To work hard all the time, to make a lot of calls and to have a lot of patience.

Career Center team (incomplete)
Career Advisors having fun at the company Anniversary Gala.

If upon reading the above, you’ve felt the urge to join us – do no hesitate. Visit our Careers page for more information on how to apply.