Let’s Talk: Gamification

This Thursday, DevelopmentAid offered a chance to all gaming enthusiasts to dive into the topic of gamification within our thematic Meetup. The event was led by Rafael Romo Mulas, Agustin Del Boca, and Leonardo Capello (remotely), which introduced attendees to the world of RPGs and their practical application in business activities. The Meetup was accompanied […]

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First Speechcraft Course

This past Friday marked the beginning of a fun journey for our DevAiders, as 24 colleagues braved their fear of public speaking and dived into the first of 6 Speechcraft sessions led by Toastmasters instructors. Besides the expected jitters due to a new experience, the atmosphere of the event was fun, productive, and very inspiring! […]


Charity Campaign 2019: Save Anastasia

The principle of karma states that by doing good, good will come back to you. This is the concept which guides DevelopmentAid – by being thoughtful and generous individuals, we strive to change our world for the better and in turn, live better ourselves. This summer, when they found out about Anastasia, our employees had […]


Beer Friday strikes again!

This past Friday marked another meeting of our DevAiders over tasty beers, hot pizza, and a great mood. This time, we were eager to see our former colleagues, so we extended invitations to them as well, and some graced us with their presence. We started our gathering by celebrating our work colleagues’ experience at DevelopmentAid. […]


A new learning challenge for DevAiders

As you all know, we are rolling out a brand new opportunity for our colleagues – a Speechcraft course based on the world-renown Toastmasters’ teachings. Thus, we aim to improve our DevAiders’ public art of rhetoric, presentation abilities, and communication knowledge. At the moment, 28 participants managed to register, so don’t hesitate to join our friendly […]

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Beer Friday’s glorious comeback

If you’ve been a DevelopmentAid employee for more than a year, you’ll know what Beer Friday is. Just like the smell of oranges brings back memories of happy Christmases spent with loved ones; the mention of Beer Friday stirs up some strong emotions among Devaiders. Some will recall newly created friendships and romantic relationships; others […]


IT Academy graduates are now employees

Last December, DevelopmentAid, in collaboration with Codifun, launched an IT Academy. More than 200 students took Full Stack Development online courses and were then selected for boot camp. During their time at boot camp the students trained with Codifun specialists and DevelopmentAid mentors working on specific tasks related to our company’s applications. After three months […]


Let’s Talk Start-ups Meet-up recap

On June 10 we hosted a meet-up, Let’s Talk Start-ups, which featured a presentation by Asetila Köstinger. Asetila is an entrepreneur, export manager, intercultural manager and multilingual public speaker. Asetila spoke about what makes a start-up a successful business.      During the presentation, many case studies where analyzed which brought the audience to a better understanding of what is key to […]

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Let’s talk Machine Learning Meetup

On May 23, we hosted a meetup – Let’s talk Machine Learning- where two colleagues of ours, Alexandru Sahnovschi & Tudor Coban, Web Developers, explored the topic of automation of data collection and analysis for the DevelopmentAid platform. The speakers reviewed various approaches to solving non-standard tasks, as well as the entire implementation process. As […]


A Day in the Life of the Marketing Department

Our A Day in the Life of … series continues with four talented DevelopmentAid employees – Mircea Chiriac (Research Analyst) , Dina Caluian (Interactive Designer), Andrei Gasnas (UX/UI Designer) and Ecaterina Lutisina (Corporate Writer and Video Production Assistant). They are members of our Marketing team. The team’s main occupation is to create and disseminate images, […]

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Easter Charity 2019

Every day at DevelopmentAid, we work to make the world a better place. It’s become a holiday tradition at DevelopmentAid to surprise and delight people in need by donating to different charity projects. For this Easter’s charity campaign we collected money, food and other items for 28 elderly people. Our campaign is part of a […]


A Day in the Life of a Software Developer

We are continuing our A Day in the Life of … series with five exceptional DevelopmentAid employees – Radu Severin, Georgeta Ciorba, Victor Istrati and Tudor Coban. They are Software Developers within our IT Development department. Their main occupation is to develop our website What made you choose this career? Radu Severin: Ever since school, I […]


DevAid #Trashtag Challenge recap

Last Saturday, April 6, we had a park clean-up near the Scoala Republicana de Hipism si Pentatol Modern. More than 25 people joined to help pick up trash and other waste, participating in the #trashtag challenge. In two hours, we gathered about 1000 KG of trash. Most of it was miscellaneous pieces of plastic, hundreds […]

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Let’s talk Sales meet-up

Breakthrough growth in today’s competitive environment requires more than a strong brand and an innovative product. It requires the most underrated business component of all: the right sales methodology that’s truly customer-focused, along with strong tactical selling skills. Whether you’re a solopreneur or an established brand, customers today don’t want you to push them through […]

International Oratory Contest – D Division_Fb

International Oratory Contest – D Division

DevelopmentAid is partnering with Chisinau Toastmasters Club for their upcoming International Oratory Contest – D Division. Attending the event, will grant you access to four Toastmasters contests: • Prepared Speeches Contests in Romanian and English. • Evaluation Contests in Romanian and English. Two Legendary Trainings will delight our event: • Cum să câștigi bani din Public Speaking […]


A Day in the Life of a Recruiter for International Projects

Our A Day in the Life of … series continues with five exceptional DevelopmentAid employees – Ștefania Gori, Luminița Rusu, Tatiana Bostan, Diana Tabora and Aliona Russu. They are Recruiters for International Projects within our DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions (DRS) department. Their main occupation is to provide customized recruitment services for international donors and consultancy companies. What made […]

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Let’s Talk Communication: Public Speaking

Impromptu speaking skills are in high demand nowadays. How many times have we seen a journalist approaching us on the street, and pretended to be in a hurry, because we had no desire to be filmed while getting embarrassed by the complete lack of thoughts and the overwhelming anxiety?   DevelopmentAid, in collaboration with Chisinau […]

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Let’s Talk Finance Meet Up

In collaboration with Moore Stephens DevelopmentAid is hosting a free meet-up on “How the Digital Innovation is transforming the role of finance professionals” The meet-up will focus on the following: How the digital transformation is disrupting the financial industry; Skills & Competencies required by the finance professionals at the beginning of XXI century and what […]