DevelopmentAid @RUNdemia Online Marathon

Even though the pandemic has put a slight stop on gatherings, our DevAiders still found a way to take part in a running marathon! If you think this sounds impossible in light of current restrictions, there is a safe way. This summer, Sporter organized the first-of-a-kind online marathon, called RUNdemia. The concept was unique, reuniting […]


Online Interviews – The Wave of the Future

Due to this year’s COVID-19 developments, many business procedures had to be adjusted. Recruitment wasn’t an exception, the process going through significant changes – due to restrictions, how do we make face-to-face interviews possible? As you have probably guessed it, they have mostly changed to a virtual format now. This implies carrying out the discussion […]


#Devaidfoodies Challenge

Since DevelopmentAid migrated to a work-from-home setting, we’ve all been faced with plenty of time in our houses. For many of us, this brought on a boost of creativity. Hobbies were revived, new art directions were pursued, and inevitably, many dishes were cooked! This made us very curious about the culinary masterpieces our DevAiders experimented […]


DevelopmentAid is #workingfromhome!

2020 came around with much anticipation, both for a fresh start of a new decade and hopes for a better year. Nevertheless, one of the most unexpected turns since the beginning of 2020 was the rapid spread of COVID-19. What started out as an unknown virus quickly made its way into society and brought on […]

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Advising Development Experts

DevelopmentAid runs a specialized department called the Career Center, providing expert advice on appropriate career, project, or CV format choice, in order to maximize the individual’s chances of succeeding in the international development sector. Advising experts implies supporting them in the choice of a membership suited to their professional needs, helping them tailor their CV or […]

DRS teambuilding

A Career in International Recruitment

The International Recruitment team deals with talent acquisition offered to NGOs, donors, consulting firms, as well as hedge funds, private equities, and more. With two sub-divisions (RightAngle and DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions), we focus on delivering the necessary client profile for a specific job, assignment, or project, making use of the recruitment skills of its employees and exclusive […]


Beer Friday with Love

At DevelopmentAid, the month of February was laced with … you guessed it – love! Whether it was romantic, platonic, or ironic, love was everywhere the past month. We’ve had a Love Box for our loved-up employees’ cards and we’ve had anti-love cookies for those who don’t believe in the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day. And […]

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Book Club for Employees

Working takes up a third of our day, so naturally, we seek ways to make it interesting and fun. One of such ways is developing your hobbies with like-minded colleagues through reading together. Sounds familiar? We’re talking about company-wide Book Clubs, which imply voluntary employees meeting regularly to share their progress and discuss a book. […]

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DevelopmentAid’s Speechcraft experience

Since the month of August of the past year, our employees had one more reason to anticipate coming to work. Every month, our Bar was the meeting place for our colleagues hoping to become public speaking enthusiasts, led by experienced Toastmasters mentors – Venedict Strisca, Nadejda Mocanu, and Diana Lazar. Every meeting implied that participants […]

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Charity Campaign: Let’s help build playrooms

In September, DevelopmentAid colleagues collectively contributed to donate toys, educational aids, books, and funds in order to help equip a playroom in the Ciuciuleni village. Playrooms are spaces for children from socially vulnerable families, where they can play, interact, and develop in various regions. Such rooms are essential for their growth and social evolution, so […]

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Speed Networking: The 2019 Edition

Looking back at 2019, we can certainly say that it was a productive and fun-filled year for DevelopmentAid. Laced with events, meetups, and gatherings of all kinds, it offered us plenty of possibilities to interact, learn, communicate, and develop ourselves. However, one event stood out to us: our 7 sessions of Speed Networking 2019, where […]


Work & Study @DevelopmentAid

When you are fresh out of university, you inevitably think about landing your perfect job and kick-starting your stellar career. Of course, these are the right ambitions to get you on track, but how many of us have faced the dreaded ‘experience needed’ obstacle? To prevent such disappointments and prepare young graduates to seamlessly integrate […]


Business Development @DevelopmentAid

An introduction to our company … DevelopmentAid was founded in 2007 and is the worlds’ leading informational platform in the field of official development assistance; the market totaled USD 153.0 billion in 2018. We provide business intelligence and recruiting services to consulting organizations, engineering firms, academic institutions, and donor organizations from around the globe. We serve […]


DevelopmentAid @ ICT and MDC 2019

As autumn slowly takes over the city, DevelopmentAid took part in two interesting events. On the 31st of October, Tekwill hosted an informative session for young adults on the brim of deciding about their future career in IT and communication. With many powerful companies of the sector present, young specialists had the opportunity to interact […]


Beer Friday: Mexican Halloween!

The end of October brought about a pleasant anticipation – besides the traditional end-of-the-month Beer Friday get-together, it coincided with Halloween! The history of this spooky day, celebrated on the night of the 31st of October, is controversial and interesting at the same time. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when […]


DevAiders at the 5th Chisinau Marathon

The beginning of fall rolled in, and our bravest colleagues put their running shoes on in preparation for a big event – the 5th annual Chisinau Marathon. A courtesy of Sporter, it is a yearly running competition in autumn offering various distances for all ages and levels. Thus, every eager participant had the chance to […]


Work Anniversaries @Beer Friday

After a hard-working week, most of us look forward to the coming weekend to unwind. Last Friday of September, our colleagues had one more reason to be excited – another Beer event was coming up! This time, the meeting was focused on honoring our colleagues which have dedicated diverse amounts of time to making our […]


DevelopmentAid @Career Talks

Last week, DevelopmentAid had the opportunity to support and participate in a very informative event – CareerTalks. If you’re wondering what it is about, then you would be pleased to know that it is a cycle of meetings for young adults pondering on their career choice. During CareerTalks, they have the chance to evaluate their […]