Best Business Solution Contest

DevelopmentAid and IT4BA is inviting students and young IT specialists to participate in the upcoming “Best Business Solution” contest, which will happen on March 28,2019 with the event opening on February 21. On February 21 students will get a chance to learn about the purpose and format of the contest and suggested topics, to share […]

Joc intelectual EPIQ 7.5_fb7,5

EPIQ 7.5: Feed your brain

DevelopmentAid is yet again happy to partner with EPIQ and Clubul Moldovenesc de Jocuri Intelectuale at the upcoming intellectual quiz night on February 11, 7 PM.   EPIQ is a Quiz type competition that takes place every Monday. It’s a form of intellectual play, originated on the British islands. The game is played in teams […]

Group 10

A Day in the Life of a BDM

The third installment of our A Day in the Life of … series features six outstanding DevelopmentAid employees – Tom Buzadji, Lana Dimitrioglo, Alla Uzun, Olesea Vareaghin, Natalia Cucu and  Sergiu Railean. They are Business Development Managers within our Corporate Sales Department. Their main occupation is to identify and develop new business prospects from multiple sources. […]


Let’s Talk IT Meetup Recap

DevelopmentAid held its first meetup yesterday, January 17.  We were pleasantly surprised to see more than 30 attendees. People from different companies had a chance to listen to some interesting presentations and network over beer and pizza. For those who weren’t able to attend, below is a recap of the talks as well as a […]


Charity Campaign 2018: Make that change

Every day at DevelopmentAid, we work to make the world a better place. It’s become a holiday tradition at DevelopmentAid to surprise and delight people in need by donating to different charity projects. This year’s holiday charity campaign was aimed at the Anenii Noi Rehabilitation and Social Integration Center– a wonderful organization that provides permanent […]


Christmas Hackathon: IoT edition

This past weekend DevelopmentAid partnered with BEST Chișinău for the Christmas Hackathon: IoT Edition. The competition gathered students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Microelectronics from the Technical University of Moldova at CIRCLE (Cluster of Interactive systems, Robotics, Control Engineering Laboratories for empowering Education), who were given only 24 hours to come up with […]


A Day in the Life of a Career Advisor

Continuing our “A Day in the Life of ” series, are Senior Career Advisors, Lucia Damaschin, Olesea Martiniuc, Natalia Ochinca and Junior Career Advisor, Cristina Badarau. Career Advisors work with individual consultants all around the world to identify their career objectives and help them reach their goals by directing experts to the best matching free or […]


Speed Networking 2018 edition recap

In November, our company’s bar – Le Temps Perdu – hosted a series of speed networking sessions. Even though this was our second edition, there was plenty of unexplored territory. Ours is a continuously growing company and new people are always joining our team. The sessions were a good opportunity for some employees to meet […]

Group 32

A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

Employee Spotlight: Mariana Istrati, Mariana Spacinschi, Liviu Cerbulenco, Data Analysts.  Data Analysis is an extremely important part of what we do at DevelopmentAid.  It is the pillar that ensures our business is up and running. Undoubtedly, every single division in our company has it’s pivotal role in the well functioning of the whole machinery. But if […]


Anniversary Gala: 10 years of success

Our 10th Anniversary marks a significant milestone for DevelopmentAid and we wanted to celebrate in ways that showed our gratitude to our founders and our community. The company has grown from the dreams of founder and managing director Luc Vocks, to a prosperous, ever-growing company with over 150 employees . It seemed only natural to […]

EPIQ Quiz_Fb

EPIQ 5.6: Feed your brain

Since we love to promote smart talent, DevelopmentAid is happy to partner with EPIQ and Clubul Moldovenesc de Jocuri Intelectuale at the upcoming intellectual quiz nights. EPIQ is a Quiz type competition that takes place every Monday from 7 PM at ASEM Draft Beerhouse (Chişinău, 6 Constantin Tănase street). It’s a form of intellectual play, […]


5 things #Devaiders learned at the Marathon.

This Sunday, the forth edition of the Chisinau Marathon gathered thousands of enthusiasts, who put their running powers to the test. After the muscle warming exercises and the opening speech by Sporter’s director, Dmitri Volosin, the participants aligned to the start. #Devaiders were among the 18000 people to run the marathon. As with every experience […]


Brain Ring: put your skills to the test.

DevelopmentAid is happy to partner with Clubul Moldovenesc de Jocuri Intelectuale at this year’s edition of Interuniversity Brain Ring Cup. If you are an active, energetic and smart student, the Moldavian Intellectual Games Club invites you to participate in the fifth edition of the Brain Ring Interuniversity Cup! Brain Ring is an intellectual game where […]


Happy International Programmer’s Day!

The Day of the Programmer is an international professional day that is celebrated on the 256th day of each year.The number 256 was chosen because it is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, a value well-known to programmers. DevelopmentAid celebrated with cake! A big thanks to all our […]


Work or Play: how to find the balance

Every business owner will tell you that when it comes to employees his number one goal is to have them be productive and engaged. This apparent simple task can sometimes turn out to be quite strenuous. One tactic that many companies are actively embracing is to let employees play games at the office. It might […]


Plants in the office: Devaiders approve

Humans have a natural tendency to affiliate with nature and other life-forms, which researchers call “Biophilia”. Since we are spending the majority of our time in spaces that are devoid of connection to the natural environment – we’ve resorted to bringing some nature into our offices. Studies show workers perform better when plants are added […]