Luc Vocks

Luc Vocks

Luc Vocks, the founder and Managing Director of DevelopmentAid, plays snooker and takes part in social development projects in his free time. Check out our blog to read about what he has been up to and what his plans for the near future are.

Evghenia Vasilenco (1)

Evghenia Vasilenco

Our series of #KnowYourColleague now shares an article about our colleague, Evghenia Vasilenco, a Business Development Manager. She is passionate about music and at one point in her past even started up a band. Check out her story and what’s she up to now here.

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Natalia Turcan

Our series of #KnowYourColleague brings an article about Natalia Turcan, a Recruiter for International Projects at DRS, who has been passionate about music her entire life. Check out her story and achievements on our blog.

Tatiana Secrii (1)

Tatiana Secrii

Our series of #KnowYourColleague shares now the article of our colleague, Tatiana Secrii, a data analyst. She is passionate about aerobic sports and recently she qualified as a trainer. Make sure to check out her story and the rest of the pictures here.


Andrian Motelica

Within our series #KnowYourColleague, we share the story of Andrian Motelica, a web developer who is also passionate about Jiu-Jitsu. Read what he would like to share about this sport and make sure to check out his video as well.

Tatiana Russu (4)

Tatiana Russu

Our series of #KnowYourColleague shares now the article of our colleague, Tatiana Russu (@tanfeelzmusic), an HR recruiter. She is passionate about music and is just about to release her first label-signed song “Breathe”. Make sure to pre-save it here, it’s a banger with a soon-to-drop M/V.


Iulia Lungu

The next article from our series #KnowYourColleague brings you our colleague, Iulia Lungu, a Client Solutions Associate. In her free time she is passionate about extreme sports and off-road activities. Check out this article to find out what life-lessons she has to share and which sports she might try next.

Mariam Gordeladze (3)

Mariam Gordeladze

Within our series, #KnowYourColleague, we bring you the next article that features our colleague, Mariam Gordeladze. She is now a recruiter in DRS but has quite a story to tell about her time exploring Budapest and how meeting new people led to unforgettable experiences and how living there taught her to become a better person.

Sumit Manwani – thumbnail

Sumit Manwani

Within our series, #KnowYourColleague, we now bring the next article that features our colleague, Sumit Manwani. He is a Business Development Manager in the Corporate Sales Department but in his free time he explores new locations through the lens of his camera. Photography has always had a huge impact on his life, pushing him to go on adventures to picturesque cities and break out of his comfort zone.

Daniil Filipenco

Daniil Filipenco

Our colleague, Daniil Filipenco, is a Digital Communication Manager and a copywriter in the Marketing Department but in his free time he’s passionate about sport, literature and music. Invested from a young age, he quickly became captivated by football and the friends he’s made along the way have made the experience all the more valuable.


DevelopmentAid DecAiders

Long-tenured employees are a strong sign of healthy and prosperous corporate culture. Indeed, when a worker stays five or more years with a company, it becomes a space of growth and psychological well-being for newcomers. At DevelopmentAid, we are proud to have a number of people who spent more than a decade of their career with us. We call them DecAiders, and today we celebrate their effort and progress in the company.

Relationship vs Ego-06

Effective Communication Series 2022

We brought back the series of meetings titled “Effective communication and well-being at work”. This is a follow up of Public Speaking sessions from 2021, where we learnt to prepare and deliver speeches and improved our improvisation skills in Table Topics and Social Role Play games. How do we express ourselves so the other person […]


Easter at DevelopmentAid

At DevelopmentAid we enjoy spreading love during the holiday seasons. Now that Easter is around the corner, we prepared hundreds of custom made holiday themed cookies for our employees to enjoy and a few decorations scattered around the office. We were glad to see our DevAiders enjoy them and admire their adorable design as much […]