A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

Employee Spotlight: Mariana Istrati, Mariana Spacinschi, Liviu Cerbulenco, Data Analysts. 

Data Analysis is an extremely important part of what we do at DevelopmentAid.  It is the pillar that ensures our business is up and running. Undoubtedly, every single division in our company has it’s pivotal role in the well functioning of the whole machinery. But if it weren’t for the busy bees in the Data Management Department, we would all be having a very hard time around here. We sat down with Mariana Istrati, Mariana Spacinschi and Liviu Cerbulenco to learn more about what it’s like to work as a Data Analyst at DevelopmentAid.

Why did you choose DevelopmentAid?

Mariana Istrati: I chose DevelopmentAid because from the day when I entered the building and I had my interview I felt like I belong here and I wanted to be part of this family. I had better proposals with a higher salary but I decided to work in this company as it has a pleasant international environment which I saw and I felt here. For me this is very important: the people with whom I will work and the working conditions. Another reason is that this is something different from my previous work. It is not a stressful job and here I can use the English language, improving it day by day. Also I liked the fact that this company has just 2 competitors in the world.

Mariana Spacinschi: I can’t say that I chose DevelopmentAid. DevelopmentAid actually chose me. I think it was fate – because I was going to a job interview and I entered this building by mistake. Ruxanda and Elena Vladicescu (the Recruiters at the time) met me and explained I was in the wrong place, but they gave me a business card to send my CV in case I didn’t get the job I was going to have an interview for. Fortunately, I did not get that job, and I decided to chose DevelopmentAid. I am happy to be here, because it is one of the most comfortable places and jobs in my life, with great people!

Liviu Cerbulenco: I chose DevelopmentAid because it is a nice company that helps people and firms develop around the world. Also, it has a very comfortable schedule and a friendly atmosphere.

Can you describe what a typical day is like?

Mariana Istrati: A typical day of a Data Analyst is pretty much the same every day. You come at the office and your colleagues greet you with a smile and there is always music playing in the background which makes you feel relaxed and sometimes this cheers you up. You start to work with a lot of information which you must classify according to some criteria. If there are some questions there is a team leader which helps you. When you feel tired you can take a coffee break. Sometimes, in order not to get bored, there are new donors given, and new information with which you must work, and thus new challenges appear.

Mariana Spacinschi: Every working morning I come here, turn my computer on and first of all I put some music on, because without it I can’t work! I prepare my desk, with my notebooks, write what I need to do today. Open my programs and start to work! Currently, I work with tenders and references – and because of that I learn new things every day. I greet my colleagues, because I come early. During work we talk, we try to know each other better, because we spend a lot of time together and because we are a small family. We help each other to understand our jobs better. At 12:00 we go to the Best Bar to have our lunch and to rest a little. Afterwards we continue our work! Every time I try to do my job better than yesterday. If we have some questions – we ask and we get answers, which is perfect. My day consist of work, people and always new information! When I go home, I don’t get a feeling that I am sick of this job – NOPE. I am fulfilled through communication, knowledge and positive people.

Liviu Cerbulenco: The day begins with posting the jobs from different international organizations. However, this is not my only task. At DevelopmentAid we may combine tasks, making the job more challenging and interesting. Thus, in the second part of the working day, I switch to posting CVs, the task I finish the day with.

What is the most rewarding part of the job?

Mariana Istrati: The most rewarding part of the job is that you know that by doing this work you helped someone find a job or you participated in the process of helping poor people from different countries across the world have a better life by having better living conditions as a result of the implemented projects.

Mariana Spacinschi: The Most Rewarding – hhmm – of course the fact that we all work here, this is really one of the companies that gives you freedom to choose, no one tugs you for something, you are given everything – all you have to do is just work!

Liviu Cerbulenco: The best part of the job is that everyday, with seemingly monotonous, tasks I contribute to the development of people and firms around the world.

What are your biggest challenges?

Mariana Istrati: My biggest challenges are when you have new donors to work with and when they are in a foreign language other than English and you must find the information you need. Or sometimes the project has too much information and you don’t know exactly which sector would be most suitable for this information.

Mariana Spacinschi: My biggest challenge is that I want to do everything fast and in time, and sometimes I happen to make some mistakes, but I try to improve every day!

Liviu Cerbulenco: There are many nuances that have to be considered. I must be very attentive to the details. Also, nearly everyday there is something new and I have to cope well with the information torrent and manage the tasks at the same quality or even higher.

What are some personal qualities someone who wants to work as a Data Analyst should have?

Mariana Istrati: A Data Analyst should know at least English language, should be able to assimilate the information quickly, should have an analytical thinking, should be able to classify the information according to the given criteria, and should be able to distinguish some sort of information in order not to double it.

Mariana Spacinschi: It’s not something special that a Data Analyst needs – you need to be hard-working, improve everyday, love what you do, understand what you do, spend time reading the rules and information about work! And have good research skills, of course.

Liviu Cerbulenco: You should be tenacious because, in the beginning, you will make many mistakes. It is normal, that is how you learn. In time, you will understand the reasons for them and improve. Also, you should be attentive to the details to be able to manage the tasks properly.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a Data Analyst?

Mariana Istrati: If you like to work with information and have an analytical thinking then you should consider a career as a Data Analyst.

Mariana Spacinschi: Guys, come here – DevelopmentAid is that place where you will feel like you are not in Moldova. Really! A place where the mindset is different, conditions of work are different, good salary (that can increase). Here you will be appreciated in the right way. Maybe DevAid is your Destiny!

Liviu Cerbulenco: Again, be ready to make mistakes in the beginning but at the same time try to understand their nature and never repeat them. Also, try to learn by yourself. There are many subtleties which you will observe over time. Try to notice and use them and you will progress!

If upon reading the above, you’ve felt the urge to join us – do no hesitate. Visit our vacancies page for more information on how to apply.