Let’s talk Sales meet-up

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Breakthrough growth in today’s competitive environment requires more than a strong brand and an innovative product. It requires the most underrated business component of all: the right sales methodology that’s truly customer-focused, along with strong tactical selling skills. Whether you’re a solopreneur or an established brand, customers today don’t want you to push them through your sales process. They want you to pull them through their purchasing process.

DevelopmentAid is hosting a FREE 2 hour Meet-Up with international sales trainer Jack Vincent, Founder of The S.C.O.R.E© Selling System – Five Key Steps to Selling More Successfully.

Key Content

▪ Opening meetings to draw prospects into a robust dialogue.
▪ Building trust through powerful questions and active listening.
▪ Diagnosing client challenges before prescribing the right solutions.
▪ Uncovering prospects points of resistance.
▪ Building commitment by involving the prospect in the solution.
▪ This simplicity of the SCORE© Selling Method will position you as a valuable authority in your field and earn you the status of equal with all of your prospects, regardless of their position or authority.

 Jack Vincent

Jack has helped Fortune 500 companies and SMEs to sell more successfully over the past 15 years. He’s an accomplished public speaker at major business conferences throughout Europe and North America.

We accommodate based on the “first registered, first seated” principle. Register at https://goo.gl/sYXaDF. An email confirming your participation will be sent one week before the event. Seats are limited!