DevAid #Trashtag Challenge recap

Last Saturday, April 6, we had a park clean-up near the Scoala Republicana de Hipism si Pentatol Modern. More than 25 people joined to help pick up trash and other waste, participating in the #trashtag challenge.

In two hours, we gathered about 1000 KG of trash. Most of it was miscellaneous pieces of plastic, hundreds of plastic bags, bottles, furniture, mattresses, tires,etc  . It was a fun and productive way to spend time outdoors, doing something useful for the community and the Planet.

The action was a good reminder to those involved of why it’s so important to produce zero waste.

It was impressive to watch the team work and the wholehearted effort Devaiders put into the challenge.

After some hard work, we were treated to some quality time with the horses from the neighboring Hipodrom. It was a pleasant ending to a hardworking endeavor.

The conclusion was obvious: it’s easier to reduce one’s trash output than to clean up even one small stretch of park. Better to try to avoid food that comes in wrappers when we can, to say no to straws, to be vigilant about avoiding things that are neither recyclable or compostable. We’re grateful to everyone who pitched in and joined us.