International Oratory Contest – D Division

International Oratory Contest – D Division_Fb

DevelopmentAid is partnering with Chisinau Toastmasters Club for their upcoming International Oratory Contest – D Division.

Attending the event, will grant you access to four Toastmasters contests:

• Prepared Speeches Contests in Romanian and English.
• Evaluation Contests in Romanian and English.

Two Legendary Trainings will delight our event:

• Cum să câștigi bani din Public Speaking – Călin Iepure
• The Persuasion Paradox – Jack Vincent

Those who want to excite their tasting buds with the Legendary wines and Moldovan traditions, are welcome to visit the Asconi winery, on April 14 (the transportation and the tour is included in the ticket price)

Get your tickets here.