Let’s talk Machine Learning Meetup

On May 23, we hosted a meetup – Let’s talk Machine Learning- where two colleagues of ours, Alexandru Sahnovschi & Tudor Coban, Web Developers, explored the topic of automation of data collection and analysis for the DevelopmentAid platform. The speakers reviewed various approaches to solving non-standard tasks, as well as the entire implementation process. As an example, they introduced the classificator microservice that is currently under development.

We surveyed the participants after the event. Here’s what they said:

There were no boring technical details. The presentation was clear and interesting to people with zero and medium levels of knowledge on the topic. And it is the most atmospheric restroom I’ve seen.

First of all the presenter seemed to be very proficient in ML field giving clear and nice answers to questions. – Really nice location – Nice that all seats were occupied and most people from audience understood the presentation and asked interesting questions.

I mostly enjoyed the presenters’ qualification and their ability to provide thoughtful replies to the audience’s questions.


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