Let’s Talk: Gamification

This Thursday, DevelopmentAid offered a chance to all gaming enthusiasts to dive into the topic of gamification within our thematic Meetup. The event was led by Rafael Romo Mulas, Agustin Del Boca, and Leonardo Capello (remotely), which introduced attendees to the world of RPGs and their practical application in business activities.

The Meetup was accompanied by an informal and relaxed atmosphere, allowing for ample interaction and communication between the audience and presenters. Thus, all attendees let their imaginations run wild, elaborated questions, and asked away. Luckily, our presenters were on it and clarified any curiosities that surfaced. For the ones that couldn’t join us, a live sneak peak of the event was made available on our FB page.

Rafael and Gus in action, passionately describing the magic of RPG’s to an equally mesmerized audience:

Traditionally, our Meetups never end when the Powerpoint does. When the smell of hot pizza became undeniable, all attendees were invited to partake in a delicious treat and refresh with a cold beer. As expected, discussions continued well into the evening, and hopefully many networks and friendships were established.

We kindly thank our presenters for an awesome event and our attendees for their presence and input. We hope to see you at our next events!