First Speechcraft Course

This past Friday marked the beginning of a fun journey for our DevAiders, as 24 colleagues braved their fear of public speaking and dived into the first of 6 Speechcraft sessions led by Toastmasters instructors. Besides the expected jitters due to a new experience, the atmosphere of the event was fun, productive, and very inspiring! The event was led by three skilled Toastmasters trainers: Nadejda Mocanu, Diana Metreniuc, and Venedict Strisca, who set the mood and introduced participants to the principles and structure of the upcoming cycle of sessions. However, it wasn’t all talk and theory – participants were put on the spot and offered the chance to present an impromptu speech. What happened next was nothing short of awesome, as 5 people eagerly volunteered to describe images, dates, or statements selected randomly. Even though it was only the first session, our employees demonstrated courage and initiative of tackling their public speaking fears. Well done!

Our course trainers then introduced a home assignment for the next session, and concluded by explaining how evaluations are done. Staying true to DevelopmentAid’s fun policy, the course ended with a delicious surprise for participants, in the form of plăcinte and BBQ. It is safe to say that participants left our Bar excited and ready to take on more and more public speaking challenges! Those who want to join them on their journey can still do so by sending an e-mail to, and coming to our next session on the 6th of September, at 18:00 in our Bar. We wish all participants good luck!