Charity Campaign 2019: Save Anastasia

The principle of karma states that by doing good, good will come back to you. This is the concept which guides DevelopmentAid – by being thoughtful and generous individuals, we strive to change our world for the better and in turn, live better ourselves. This summer, when they found out about Anastasia, our employees had the chance to put their positive intentions to practice.

Anastasia is a 25 year-old young and beautiful woman who fights against lymphoma, a cancer that begins in infection-fighting cells of the immune system. The illness is an immense challenge, morally, physically, and financially. DevAiders decided to improve one of these aspects, and collected donations meant for Anastasia’s treatment and rehabilitation. Little by little, they shared a bit from what they had and managed to collectively gather 11400 Leis.

Common efforts, no matter how small, add up to a big contribution. It is important for us to remember that all of our actions should stem from kindness and generosity, and that we should always try to support those in need. We are glad that our employees could take part in Anastasia’s road to recovery and a healthy, long life, and wish her all the best from the DevelopmentAid family!