DevelopmentAid Offline Poptastic Trivia Event

DevAid Volunteer Event group recently organized a Poptastic Trivia Night, an internal musical event the theme of which was pop music and do you know what? We were amazed to see how energetic and free-spirited our devaid_community really is.

Trivia Night was a great opportunity for people from different departments to come together, unleash their energy and move to the rhythms of all sorts of pop music. The night was indeed both fun and hot.

The teams that played received great support from the rest of their colleagues who although not taking part, were kind enough to watch and cheer them on.

There were six categories to choose from and the maximum points were offered for those who were brave enough to step up in front of the audience and lip sync to a popular pop song.

It was a fun night filled with laughter, joy and dancing and was a great morale boost for all our colleagues. In view of the approaching holiday season, it was also a fabulous way to unwind and relax. Participants had to collaborate closely with their teammates in order to win the prize which consisted of a monetary reward.

Congratulations to the winning team made up of Ana Gincota, Veronica Sandu, Maria Vorobcalo, Elena Rata and Cristina Caranovac.Poptastic event winners