DevelopmentAid Christmas Charity 2021

With the holiday season approaching our colleagues at DevelopmentAid had one question in mind – How can we make Christmas more special? And by that, we mean more special for someone else. That’s how the charity idea called “There Are Never Too Many Santas” came to life. Santa must have a full plate this year considering the border restrictions from the pandemic so we decided to give him a helping hand this Christmas.

Driven by a sense of community and togetherness, our DevAiders decided to turn a child’s wish into reality. 25 children from an orphanage wrote down what they wished for the most this Christmas. For some, it was a pair of rollerblades, a book, a teddy bear, clothes. Oh, and of course everyone wanted chocolates! Lots and lots of chocolates.

Each of our departments contributed to making a child’s wish come true. After careful preparation and once we went out of all the wrapping paper, all the presents were good to go. Some of our colleagues had a good workout session loading the presents into the car, but it was fun nonetheless.

Our next and final destination was the children’s home where an eventful day awaited.

Once we arrived and unloaded the presents we could tell how excited the children were. The organizers prepared a day filled with fun activities, dances and games. It was a joyous time for everyone!

It is in moments like these that you realize the immense gratitude in being able to bring happiness to others. After all, one receives so much more from giving rather than receiving.

Here’s a closer look at how that day went, filmed by Денис Фатеску.

DevelopmentAid wishes you Happy Holidays! Look after one another, cherish the people close to you, in the meantime, we will continue our mission of bringing more happiness and joy into the world – together! #DoingItRight