DevelopmentAid Supports Computer Vision Camp

On 4th December, DevelopmentAid was involved in the final contest of the Computer Vision Camp organized by Sigmoid.

Andrian Moraresco, IT Director at DevelopmentAid was one of four jury members who evaluated the 52 participants.  

Computer Vision Camp (CVC) is an online Bootcamp where participants build machine learning concepts.

Computer Vision Camp

  • First place went to the team called “Paza-Anulare” whose application detected the use of hand gestures within a presentation in real-time.
  • Second place went to “ERROR404: Name Not Found” with a great concept of using sign language translation in real-time.
  • Third placed Oreo Milkshake designed a game to recognize the creators of various art pieces. The challenge of the game involves trying to select the right answer from multiple-choice questions while competing against a Telegram bot.

DevelopmentAid always supports initiatives that encourage the development of digital solutions for pressing day-to-day problems. It was a great pleasure to be part of such a progressive event and discover the brilliant minds behind the ingenious applications.

Finally, we want to congratulate all the teams that participated in the camp and applaud the effort and ingenuity that went into developing the applications.

We look forward to future Computer Vision Camps.