Beer Friday strikes again!

This past Friday marked another meeting of our DevAiders over tasty beers, hot pizza, and a great mood. This time, we were eager to see our former colleagues, so we extended invitations to them as well, and some graced us with their presence. We started our gathering by celebrating our work colleagues’ experience at DevelopmentAid. Thus, members which worked for 1, 3 and 5 years were recognized and offered tailored rewards. Hurray!

Our Beer Friday continued with DevAiders enjoying each other’s company, playing board games, jamming to cool tunes, and serving delicious pizza & beer. Our colleagues also had the option of cooling down with a can of good Radler or a soft drink – we’re all about diversity. It’s safe to say this Beer Friday was a big success again, reuniting our colleagues together and fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere over after-work drinks. For sure, this tradition will carry on, with more fun activities to come. Stay tuned!

At DevelopmentAid, work is first and foremost, but we take our fun just as seriously. See you at our next event!