Go green written with leaves

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Wrapping up the Going Green Initiative

Small adjustments can make a world of difference. In such a short period of time we went green in 4 different ways. Besides installing the batteries recycling bin, we have cleaned-up a whole park, started using our own cups when ordering coffee and held a sustainable living workshop. The green initiative continues in our daily […]


Full & part-time jobs for students

Are you a student and are you done with your exams? Interested in non-technical full/part time jobs? If you nodded, then we might be exactly what you’re looking for! Here’s the deal: we know how tough it is to get a job while enrolled in university. In most cases, one’s gotta choose in between and […]


Career Forum: meet potential employers

Summer is already here and it’s time to check new job opportunities! Meet DevelopmentAid, listen to our in-house motivational speaker and learn more about our company at the 2nd edition of the Career Forum in Moldova. Are you done with your exams or soon graduating? Looking for a new job opportunity or just curious to […]