Being a DevelopmentAid Member

Joining DevelopmentAid isn’t just about finding a place to work, it’s about gaining access to a thriving ecosystem designed to enhance your career path. 

Here, each member is welcomed into an environment that promotes not only productivity but also personal growth and well-being. 

Space outside workstations 

Our community is built on more than just tables and chairs. Our members enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the corporate bar – a place where they can relax, recuperate and chat with colleagues over a steaming cup of coffee. It’s more than just a place to grab drinks; this is where collaboration sparks and ideas blossom. 

Empowering the mind through knowledge 

Explore our library, a treasure trove of diverse books that suit a variety of interests and disciplines. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or eager to delve deeper into a new topic, our collection offers a haven for intellectual exploration and growth. 

Conference rooms. Do you need a place to brainstorm or meet with a client? Our meeting rooms are more than just rooms; they are arenas where ideas take shape and collaboration blossoms. As a member, these spaces become an extension of your creativity and professionalism. 

Contributing to the community through social events 

We believe in the power of a united team. That’s why we organize social events that extend beyond the workplace.  

From team-building exercises to fun get-togethers, these activities build camaraderie, strengthen connections, and develop a supportive work culture. 

Being a DevAider means being part of a dynamic system that promotes your professional growth, encourages collaboration and values your well-being. It’s not just a membership; it is a pathway to an enriching, community-driven experience.