A new learning challenge for DevAiders

As you all know, we are rolling out a brand new opportunity for our colleagues – a Speechcraft course based on the world-renown Toastmasters’ teachings. Thus, we aim to improve our DevAiders’ public art of rhetoric, presentation abilities, and communication knowledge. At the moment, 28 participants managed to register, so don’t hesitate to join our friendly and eager crowd!

The majority of participants expressed their desire to master the art of efficiently communicating and delivering a message to an audience, with a focus on overcoming their fear of public speaking. And we are sure they will get what they want!

The first Speechcraft session will take place on the 9th of August, at 6PM, in our Bar. We hope to see you there, and if you still haven’t had the chance to register, hurry up and do so in the ‘Events’ section. See you there!