Beer Friday’s glorious comeback

If you’ve been a DevelopmentAid employee for more than a year, you’ll know what Beer Friday is. Just like the smell of oranges brings back memories of happy Christmases spent with loved ones; the mention of Beer Friday stirs up some strong emotions among Devaiders. Some will recall newly created friendships and romantic relationships; others are still trying to forget that never-to-be-mentioned-again thing they did after gulping down 3 beers.

In light of a newly ignited nostalgia for the last Friday of the month tradition, we’ve decided to bring it back. We gathered in our bar to officially re-launch this beloved event, celebrating some of our colleagues’ work anniversaries. Devaiders who had hit their 1- and 5-years benchmarks received a congratulatory speech from their Team Leaders and company gifts. The evening culminated with board games and a few tipsy Devaiders who think they can play snooker. Yes, we have a snooker table in our bar.

At DevelopmentAid we believe in working hard and playing hard. If you want to join our fun bunch, click on our Careers page and apply for a job ASAP. The more, the merrier!