Halloween Party

At DevelopmentAid, Halloween is a cherished tradition. This year, our MD and GE teams went head-to-head in a spirited Halloween showdown. Both teams brought their unique twist to the festivities, and we're here to share the highlights. 

The offices were transformed into a haunted haven with creepy decorations, delectable treats, and spine-tingling drinks. Spooky music played in the background, and board games kept the thrills coming. 

In the MD team, our talented employee - Eugenia Botezatu - hosted a Pumpkin Masterclass, carving intricate designs and offering tips for a perfect Halloween masterpiece.  

Halloween at DevelopmentAid is a memorable celebration of creativity and camaraderie. As we look forward to next year, we know our DevAiders family will continue to make Halloween an unforgettable tradition, no matter which office you're in.