DevelopmentAid @ ICT and MDC 2019

As autumn slowly takes over the city, DevelopmentAid took part in two interesting events. On the 31st of October, Tekwill hosted an informative session for young adults on the brim of deciding about their future career in IT and communication. With many powerful companies of the sector present, young specialists had the opportunity to interact with representatives and gain knowledge on the possibilities in their domain of interest. Hosted in both Romanian and Russian languages, the ICT Career Orientation 2019 was a certain success, with over 24 sessions and thematic workshops helping attending youth to understand the context and opportunities of the IT world.

DevelopmentAid participated in the event’s career fair, whereby our representatives interacted with attendees and informed them on the core of our company’s operations, our current offers, and growth possibilities to be explored within a tenure with DevelopmentAid. Moreover, our representatives have hosted a Career Workshop powered by UTM. We have enjoyed interacting with talented and ambitious individuals, and we have certainly noticed their interest towards becoming a part of our great team 🙂

One day after ICT, another IT event spanning for two days took place in Chisinau. Moldova Developer Conference 2019 (#MDC19) is the biggest gathering of IT professionals, developers, and enthusiasts in the country. During the event, attendees had the chance to witness the latest innovation and technological advances in terms of IT and digitalization. Organized in the form of intensive presentations, workshops, and interaction, the meetup brought together the most forward-thinking minds of the IT domain. Again, attendees had the chance to become knowledgeable on the IT job market and opportunities in our country. DevelopmentAid was present at the site as an official partner of the event, offering detailed information and context to all interested participants. Besides our representatives, the DevelopmentAid team was completed by 10 colleagues from the IT department, which attended MDC presentations and had a unique learning experience outside of work bounds.

We believe that as a modern and progressive company, we should have a strong presence in social events and gatherings. Thus, we can directly and efficiently convey our company’s story and opportunities to young and seasoned talents, thus generating interactions and adding up to our awesome team. Keep your eye out for DevelopmentAid, and see you at future events 😉