Brain Ring: put your skills to the test.

DevelopmentAid is happy to partner with Clubul Moldovenesc de Jocuri Intelectuale at this year’s edition of Interuniversity Brain Ring Cup.

If you are an active, energetic and smart student, the Moldavian Intellectual Games Club invites you to participate in the fifth edition of the Brain Ring Interuniversity Cup!

Brain Ring is an intellectual game where teams of six compete against each other by answering questions of logic, perspicacity and erudition. Teams confronted each other in duels where both the answer and the speed count. That’s what makes the game so spectacular.

Register your team by completing this short form or by posting on the event page, specifying the name of your team and your university.

If you don’t have a team, you can still register and you will be assigned a team from your university.

Time schedule:

October 4, 5:30 pm – Group 1 phase (up to 16 teams)
October 5, 17.30 – Phase 2 (up to 16 teams) and Finals

Location of event is UTM (Stefan cel Mare 168 street, Central building).

The rules of the Brain Ring game can be accessed here.