5 things #Devaiders learned at the Marathon.

This Sunday, the forth edition of the Chisinau Marathon gathered thousands of enthusiasts, who put their running powers to the test. After the muscle warming exercises and the opening speech by Sporter’s director, Dmitri Volosin, the participants aligned to the start. #Devaiders were among the 18000 people to run the marathon. As with every experience in life, there is something new to learn every time. Here are 5 things the marathon taught us:

1. There is nothing that a little Red Bull can’t cure. Joke aside, it’s important to start the race with a positive attitude.

2. A marathon is just as good a place as any other to recruit new people.

3. You need to teach your kids at a young age about the good things in life: like what is a marathon or what is the best company to work in.

4. If you’re still friends after the race, they’re a keeper.

5. A good pep talk before the race will give you an extra boost.