Tatiana Secrii

#KnowYourColleague – with this series of articles we highlight our colleagues’ hobbies and their stories. We aim to create a safe space where everyone is welcome to bond and share their adventures as we grow as a community.

Our colleague, Tatiana Secrii is a Data Analyst in the Data Management Department. In her free time, she enjoys aerobic sports and recently became a fitness coach.

Sport has always made Tatiana feel better, motivating her to make healthier life choices and becoming stronger and more confident with each session.

Tatiana has always been the type of person who does physical activities but has never done so on a professional level until recently. In November 2019 she started training more intensely at the gym where there was a wider range of exercises for her to practice, she particularly focused on those involving weights like barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells.

After newly completing a course in July 2022, Tatiana is now a certified fitness coach.