#Devaidwindowviews challenge

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve slowly started feeling a colder wind breeze, some stray orange leaves… That means autumn is almost here! Since a lot of us work from home at this time, we decided to launch a challenge to know our colleagues better. More specifically, we wanted to see their daily views, what they look at in the morning, when they work, when they take a break…

This is how our #devaidwindowviews initiative started, and it was continued by our teammates! The results were impressive – we got great feedback from our colleagues, and discovered so many interesting things about them! Some enjoy a nature view, others enjoyed interacting with their furry friends, other friends looked forward to a hot cup of coffee 🙂

Check out all of the views and impressions for yourself! We hope this mood board will inspire you to take a closer look at your window views, appreciate their beauty, and enjoy the upcoming golden autumn.