Mens sana in corpore sano aka Get yourself together!

The internet is over saturated with articles on how to maintain a healthy body while you’re spending the majority of your day behind a computer desk. All of these articles will tell you about the importance of perfecting your sitting posture. And there are plenty ways to obtain that: sit upright with your back and shoulders against the back of your chair, don’t slouch, arms should rest lightly on the armrests of your chair to avoid circulatory problems or nerve pressure, keep your feet flat on the floor—don’t cross your legs, relax your shoulders while typing, etc. Granted, that is good advice and all. But #Devaiders had another thing in mind. Check out those cool handmade wooden chairs that our developers got from a super talented carpenter – a little old man with the heart of gold. The idea behind the mechanics of the chair is that it forces one to sit with a straight spine by putting extra weight from your buttocks to your knees.  And they actually work!