Luc Vocks

#KnowYourColleague – with this series of articles we highlight our colleagues’ hobbies and their stories. We aim to create a safe space where everyone is welcome to bond and share their adventures as we grow as a community.

Luc began to take an interest in snooker when he was eight or nine years old and started playing when he was about 14. There was only one place in his hometown where he could play but it was very expensive so Luc arranged with the guy who owned the snooker venue that he would clean the snooker tables then play when there were no customers. Since then, he’s now spent 27 years playing snooker but when he around 20 years old it shifted from being a competitive game to more of a hobby and a social activity. When he moved to Chisinau, playing snooker helped him to integrate more easily.

Two years ago he started playing snooker with 13 year old Vladislav Gradinari, who at the time was aspiring to become a professional snooker player, and Luc acted as a serious opponent for a while. While they were playing and practicing, Luc taught Vladislav some tactics and, more importantly, patience, all of which served him well later in his playing career. In fact, Vladislav moved to England and recently won this year’s English National U14 Championship.

Luc has been a member of a service network for the last five or six years as part of a group that carries out social impact projects for society. One of their biggest projects involved raising money to educate physiotherapists working with children with special needs for which they managed to raise US$80K and in the last six months the group has raised over 100K Euro for refugee related projects. Although Luc has now retired from his position on the board, he still continues to take an active interest in networking events as he believes these have a great deal of business potential.

Luc is now preparing for the birth of his baby who will no doubt be the main focus of his activities for quite some time.