Iulia Lungu

#KnowYourColleague – with this series of articles we highlight our colleagues’ hobbies and their stories. We aim to create a safe space where everyone is welcome to bond and share their adventures as we grow as a community.

Our colleague, Iulia Lungu, a Client Solutions Associate with Right Angle Global, is passionate about sports and nature in her free time.

Every now and then she tries a new sport and so far she’s already experienced kickboxing, cycling and volleyball as well as mountain tracking, the further away from the city the better. The best experiences that Iulia has had always relate to traveling and adventures out and about in nature. The highlights of her year are always related to experiences such as camping out in the Moldovan forests.

She would also like to share some of the lessons she’s learned from this range of experiences:

  • Cooking and eating food in the wild makes it taste much better than anything prepared indoors
  • Waking up in the midst of nature is one of the most refreshing experiences
  • Stars shine brighter the further away you are from a city
  • Mosquito spray and sunscreen are always a must
  • Be grateful for what you have and constantly push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Now Iulia is ready to check off more stuff from her bucket list like parachute jumping, more camping and other off-road activities.

Iulia finds that doing sports and exploring beautiful nature are the best ways to recharge her batteries and a combo that always results in life-long lasting memories.