Easter Wreaths Masterclass

On April 8th, Eugenia Botezatu hosted a delightful Easter Wreath Masterclass. DevAiders gathered together to learn the art of crafting beautiful wreaths adorned with Easter decorations. It was an exceptional opportunity to acquire new skills and create an elegant and unique decoration piece for the home.

Under Eugenia's expert guidance, participants delved into the world of wreath-making, discovering the secrets behind creating stunning arrangements.

The class proceeded with hands-on activities, as each participant got to unleash their inner artist. Armed with an array of exquisite flowers, foliage, ribbons, and Easter-themed embellishments, the DevAiders dove into the process of designing their own personalized wreaths. Eugenia circulated among the attendees, offering individualized guidance and helpful tips, ensuring that everyone had a fulfilling and enriching experience.

By the end of the masterclass, the room was adorned with a colorful collection of stunning wreaths. Each creation reflected the personality and creativity of its maker, making it a true embodiment of their individual style.