Devaiders Doing it Right Charity Aftermath

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In the last 2 weeks Ukrainians started fleeing more and more their native country. As a country that borders them, Moldovan authorities and volunteers responded to the call of the waves of people seeking asylum and help, opening up impromptu asylum centers and providing them with the food and bare necessities that they reported needing. Our company has quickly organized charity events, contributed with donations and volunteering hours of some of our employees.

One of the refugee centers that we helped was located in Criuleni. The center is hosting around 100 people, from which predominantly women and children. It is functioning only based of donations and volunteers.

To contribute, our employees gathered a sum of 4500 leis with it they bought the bare necessities requested and transported it, from which were:
5 bags of potatoes, toilet paper, water, butter, cereals, meat, laundry detergent, pasta, rice, cookies and sweets for children.

We thank everyone that got involved, helping with donations or volunteering, all the kids and parents sent kudos to all of you.