#Devaidfoodies Challenge

Since DevelopmentAid migrated to a work-from-home setting, we’ve all been faced with plenty of time in our houses. For many of us, this brought on a boost of creativity. Hobbies were revived, new art directions were pursued, and inevitably, many dishes were cooked! This made us very curious about the culinary masterpieces our DevAiders experimented with, so we’ve launched an online challenge with the #devaidfoodies hashtag. We gathered a lot of responses, and were impressed with our colleagues’ skill and culinary talents 🙂


Creations by Kate Neliuba, Dumitrita Stancu, and Ana Marin (clockwise from left to right)
Sent in by Alexandru Dumitras
Sent in by Andrea Carpov
Sent in by Sanda Mihailov

Main Course

Creations by Vitalie Bulat, Olesea Vareaghin, Ludmila Gogu, and Stela Boico (clockwise from left to right)
Sent in by Lilian Russu
Sent in by Irina Calinchin
Sent in by Cristina Tcaci
Sent in by Natalia Caraji (and Gordon Ramsey)
Sent in by Andrian Moraresco
Sent in by Natalia Ochinca
Sent in by Maria Vorobcalo
Sent in by Alexandru Dumitras

Whole Meal

Sent in by Madiya Mohammadi
Sent in by Ana Rusu
Sent in by Diana Botnari
Sent in by Ana Zgardan


Desserts sent in by Dumitrita Stancu, Nadia Ostrova, Eugenia Botezatu, and Marina Tabora (clockwise from left to right)
Sent in by Alla Uzun
Sent in by Cristina Badarau
Sent in by Diana Botnari

We thank all of our colleagues who sent it their creations! As we can see, this quarantine was delicious 🙂 We can’t wait to roll out new challenges and see the results. Cheers and Bon Appétit!