DevAid OFFLINE: Old Chisinau Quest Recap!

The past Saturday, our employees were invited to switch up their routines and take part in a different kind of DevAid OFFLINE event. More specifically, our IT colleague Tamara Halaim has helped us prepare a city quest in the old city centre, spanning from str. Petru Movila to str. Armeneasca, and from str. Varlaam to str. Mateevici. Thus, there was a space where our participants had to hunt for clues, find the next spot, and arrive at the finish point to win!

The first clue – piecing an IQ puzzle!

The idea of the quest was the following: participants were split in three coloured groups and had the follow the life of a 20th century youngster Mark. He wasn’t an ordinary man though! Mark was also a bit of a time-traveller, so he was able to take our teams to modern day spots as well as historical landmarks. The teams all started on the same spot, but had different paths and checkpoints, so everyone had to rely on their wit and logic in order to move fast. The clues were hidden in various spots, and to obtain a clue on their whereabouts, our participants had to find a code written in chalk and send it over to hosts. Then, they got a picture of the hiding spot, and they could find the puzzle about the next location.

Codes that led to a hint.
Would you spot this hidden hint on your way?
One of Mark’s tasks – draw a futuristic building.

Along the way, teams also collected pieces of Mark’s life story. Upon arriving at the final spot, our participants found a large DQ chalk sign (standing for DevelopmentAid Quest, of course)! They were invited to piece together their stories and stick them into a retro notebook. This was actually a surprise for them, as they kept their booklets as a memory of the quest and Mark’s adventures. The grand prize offered to the winning blue team is a voucher to a professional quest in an abandoned circus-themed escape room. In other words, our Old Chisinau Quest was a preparation for the real deal, and only our strongest colleagues were led to take part. We thank all of our participants for having fun with us and hope they enjoy their prize! See you at our next events 🙂

Our big team on the final point!