Daiana Chikhladze

#KnowYourColleague – with this series of articles we highlight our colleagues’ hobbies and their stories. We aim to create a safe space where everyone is welcome to bond and share their adventures as we grow as a community.

Daiana Chikhladze works as a Lead Generator and Business Development Assistant in the Tbilisi office and would like to share her story and some of her hobbies.

Daiana has recently defended her Master’s thesis in Norway and successfully completed a degree in European Studies. While studying in Norway for this degree, one of the courses provided Daiana with in-depth knowledge of the field of international development field which she found very interesting and so decided to pursue a career in this sector.

Although her profession is International Relations, Daiana has a broad range of interests and hobbies. First and foremost, Daiana enjoys traveling to new and interesting places and learning about other cultures. At the age of 24, she has visited approximately 25 countries and her favorites are Iceland and Svalbard Island which is located in the Arctic part of Norway. She enjoys both traveling with friends and traveling alone.

In her spare time, Daiana likes to spend time in nature with friends or family. Apart from that, she has many other interesting hobbies, such as learning the Norwegian language and web technologies, drawing portraits, reading books, walking long distances and watching documentaries about astronomy.