Acoustic Evenings 2022

We happily brought back the corporate meetings at the end of the month (aka Beer Fridays). Now every last Friday of the month we will host an offline event full of fun, delicious food and of course beer. On April 1st we hosted in our bar an event to start the season for “Beer Fridays”. […]

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Devaiders Doing it Right Charity Aftermath

In the last 2 weeks Ukrainians started fleeing more and more their native country. As a country that borders them, Moldovan authorities and volunteers responded to the call of the waves of people seeking asylum and help, opening up impromptu asylum centers and providing them with the food and bare necessities that they reported needing. […]

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Our “Martisor” Masterclass

At DevelopmentAid we always like to reward our employees with fun activities that help them unwind and create something fun in the process. To close the winter season and welcome spring, we organized a masterclass of traditional Moldovan culture on the 26th of February. Our colleague Eugenia showed us different ways to make Martisors. With […]

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DevelopmentAid Christmas Charity 2021

With the holiday season approaching our colleagues at DevelopmentAid had one question in mind – How can we make Christmas more special? And by that, we mean more special for someone else. That’s how the charity idea called “There Are Never Too Many Santas” came to life. Santa must have a full plate this year […]


DevelopmentAid Offline Poptastic Trivia Event

DevAid Volunteer Event group recently organized a Poptastic Trivia Night, an internal musical event the theme of which was pop music and do you know what? We were amazed to see how energetic and free-spirited our devaid_community really is. Trivia Night was a great opportunity for people from different departments to come together, unleash their […]