Ana Coutinho

#KnowYourColleague – with this series of articles we highlight our colleagues’ hobbies and their stories. We aim to create a safe space where everyone is welcome to bond and share their adventures as we grow as a community.

Our colleague Ana Coutinho currently works as a journalist in the Marketing Department. Educated as a biologist, Ana has been an activist and environmental volunteer in Portugal, France, Greece attempting to save sea turtles, owls, and other animals. She also attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) as a delegate for an NGO.

Today, in addition to writing articles for DevelopmentAid, Ana is an Executive Director of a Moldovan NGO, “Gradina Moldovei”,  which supports peasants, farmers, gardeners and society as a whole in their endeavors to produce and consume food that helps to restore natural resources as well as communities thus contributing to human-centred development.

In her free time, Ana also does a bit of gardening (in the photo she is preparing grass for mulching - a natural way of restoring soil fertility) and right now she has some baby oak trees growing in her garden which one day will all be planted in other people’s gardens. Many of these are still available so, if you’d like to plant an oak, send Ana a message and she will keep one for you!