2.7 Run for Children – Sports for a great cause!

The last days of August have been filled with warm air, summer memories, and for 7 of our colleagues – sports for a great cause! This time, DevelopmentAid decided to support CCF, an NGO that aims to offer kids from vulnerable families a better life. To prepare 270 children for the current school year, the charity organized an online marathon called “2.7 Run for Children”, where participants could run, jog, swim, jump, cycle any distances related to the number 2.7 (ex. 2.7 km, 27 km, 270 km) over the course of one week. Tracking logs were then sent to organizers and thus, the participants contributed to the purchase of school supplies.

Our 7 brave colleagues walked, swam, ran, and cycled various distances and shared their logs with us. Check them out below!

The tracking logs of our colleagues.

Besides the immediate reward of sports, our colleagues were also rewarded with a ‘thank you’ from CCF’s side, announcing us that they’ve successfully helped purchase school necessities to several kids through their “sports” donation . We’re glad that our colleagues have taken their time to go out and move for a great cause, and wish them all the best!

The children we’ve helped supply with school necessities.
DevelopmentAid’s diploma for participation.

Never forget that there are always people having a tougher life than we do, which is why participation in charity events is a great way of bringing in our contribution and support. Happy start of the year to newly-equipped school pupils! And meanwhile, we’re already thinking about next projects we could lend a helping hand to 🙂