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Book Club for Employees

Working takes up a third of our day, so naturally, we seek ways to make it interesting and fun. One of such ways is developing your hobbies with like-minded colleagues through reading together. Sounds familiar? We’re talking about company-wide Book Clubs, which imply voluntary employees meeting regularly to share their progress and discuss a book. […]

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DevelopmentAid’s Speechcraft experience

Since the month of August of the past year, our employees had one more reason to anticipate coming to work. Every month, our Bar was the meeting place for our colleagues hoping to become public speaking enthusiasts, led by experienced Toastmasters mentors – Venedict Strisca, Nadejda Mocanu, and Diana Lazar. Every meeting implied that participants […]

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Charity Campaign: Let’s help build playrooms

In September, DevelopmentAid colleagues collectively contributed to donate toys, educational aids, books, and funds in order to help equip a playroom in the Ciuciuleni village. Playrooms are spaces for children from socially vulnerable families, where they can play, interact, and develop in various regions. Such rooms are essential for their growth and social evolution, so […]

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Speed Networking: The 2019 Edition

Looking back at 2019, we can certainly say that it was a productive and fun-filled year for DevelopmentAid. Laced with events, meetups, and gatherings of all kinds, it offered us plenty of possibilities to interact, learn, communicate, and develop ourselves. However, one event stood out to us: our 7 sessions of Speed Networking 2019, where […]


Work & Study @DevelopmentAid

When you are fresh out of university, you inevitably think about landing your perfect job and kick-starting your stellar career. Of course, these are the right ambitions to get you on track, but how many of us have faced the dreaded ‘experience needed’ obstacle? To prevent such disappointments and prepare young graduates to seamlessly integrate […]


Business Development @DevelopmentAid

An introduction to our company … DevelopmentAid was founded in 2007 and is the worlds’ leading informational platform in the field of official development assistance; the market totaled USD 153.0 billion in 2018. We provide business intelligence and recruiting services to consulting organizations, engineering firms, academic institutions, and donor organizations from around the globe. We serve […]