Our Programmer Day at DevelopmentAid

A day feared by many for bringing up unfortunate circumstances turned out to be a big cause for celebration at DevelopmentAid! The 13th of September, which luckily for us was a Friday, internationally marks Programmer Day. It is a day to honor the effort and dedication of all IT professionals working very hard to translate business dreams […]


Beer Friday: Speed Puzzle Contest

The end of August meant another fun Beer Friday for the DevAid team, but this time we decided to kick it up a notch and awaken the competitive spirit of DevAiders. However, as we are firm believers in peace and friendship, we chose to set up a Speed Puzzling Contest. Two divisions – Fun & […]


Let’s Talk: Gamification

This Thursday, DevelopmentAid offered a chance to all gaming enthusiasts to dive into the topic of gamification within our thematic Meetup. The event was led by Rafael Romo Mulas, Agustin Del Boca, and Leonardo Capello (remotely), which introduced attendees to the world of RPGs and their practical application in business activities. The Meetup was accompanied […]

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First Speechcraft Course

This past Friday marked the beginning of a fun journey for our DevAiders, as 24 colleagues braved their fear of public speaking and dived into the first of 6 Speechcraft sessions led by Toastmasters instructors. Besides the expected jitters due to a new experience, the atmosphere of the event was fun, productive, and very inspiring! […]


Charity Campaign 2019: Save Anastasia

The principle of karma states that by doing good, good will come back to you. This is the concept which guides DevelopmentAid – by being thoughtful and generous individuals, we strive to change our world for the better and in turn, live better ourselves. This summer, when they found out about Anastasia, our employees had […]


Beer Friday strikes again!

This past Friday marked another meeting of our DevAiders over tasty beers, hot pizza, and a great mood. This time, we were eager to see our former colleagues, so we extended invitations to them as well, and some graced us with their presence. We started our gathering by celebrating our work colleagues’ experience at DevelopmentAid. […]